History of Capitolo Italia 2687

Capitolo Italia was consecrated at the Café Monico on the 9th January 1912, and was sponsored by the Columbia Chapter No. 2397.

The First Three Principals were: Comp. Carlo Boselli. - Z.; Comp. Leandro Foppoli. - H and Comp. Luigi Biazzi. - J.

The ritual of Capitolo Italia has always been conducted in Italian, but the calamity of the Great War (WW1) took several members away and willing visitors carried on in English until after the War when the proceedings were restarted in Italian.

On the 5th January 1937, E.Comp.Pietro Pagliero wrote the preface in the Silver Jubilee Souvenir booklet;
“In this auspicious year of grace, when the eyes of the world are turned towards this great British Empire for the Coronation of its new King, H.M. George VI., the sons of a different country, but nevertheless loyal and devoted citizens of this their second motherland, and faithful followers of the Rules and Regulations of the Ancient Grand Lodge and the Supreme Grand Chapter, celebrate to-day the Silver Jubilee of the Italia Chapter”.

I think this sentiment can be echoed to the present day.

Capitolo Italia went into darkness in 1940 until 1949, E.Comp.Desio Vaiani, remaining First Principal during the Second World War.

To-day the Chapter has grown from strength to strength with almost 40 members.

On 23rd January 2012 the Chapter celebrated its Centenary.  Over 70 Royal Arch Masons attended the Chapter meeting led by a delegation from Metropolitan Grand Chapter headed by E. Comp. Derrick Silver PGSN, AMetGSupt, a delegation from the Supreme Grand Chapter of Italy led by the Grand Scribe E., E. Comp. Antonio d'Emilio, a group from the Mother Chapter of Capitolo Italia - Columbia Chapter 2397 plus guests from over 20 other Chapters.  The meeting was followed by a splendid Festive Board held at the Spaghetti House in Goodge Street organised by E. Comp. Carlo Paganini.